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National Tropical Botanical Garden | Acacia koa - Plant Detail - Tropical Plants Database

Tropical Plant Database - Plant Details


Acacia koa

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Conservation Status
  • IUCN: least concern
  • USFWS: None
Genus: Acacia
Species: koa
Species Author: A. Gray
Vernacular: Koa, Koaia, Koaoha
Synonyms: Acacia hawaiiensis, Acacia heterophylla var. latifolia, Acacia kauaiensis, Acacia koa var. hawaiiensis, Acacia koa var. lanaiensis, Acacia koa var. latifolia, Acacia koa var. waianaeensis, Acacia koa var. weimeae, Racosperma kauaiense, Racosperma koa

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