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Breadfruit Institute

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Breadfruit - Our Work

Our Work

We are responding to critical global food security issues by expanding plantings of good quality breadfruit varieties in tropical regions.

What Is Breadfruit

What Is Breadfruit

Breadfruit is an attractive long-lived tropical tree that yields an abundance of a nutritious, starchy fruit for decades.

Breadfruit - Research


Our breadfruit collection provides unique opportunities to study and better understand this important staple crop.

Breadfruit - Food and Other Uses

Food and Other Uses

The Fruit can be cooked and eaten at all stages of growth, from small and immature, when it is similar to artichoke hearts, to starchy mature, to ripe when it is soft and sweet.

Breadfruit - Tree care

Tree care

Good tree health and structure are the basis for high productivity, pest and disease resistance, and large, good quality fruit.

Breadfruit - Resources


Explore variety information, publications, reports, fact sheets, recipes, videos, and much more.

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