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NTBG is Growing Green. You can help.

For more than fifty years, NTBG has dedicated itself to saving plants. Working in Hawaii, Florida, and other tropical regions of the world, we understand that while humanity is dependent on one another, we are all dependent on the natural world for our survival.

Simply put, if we do not take care of nature, it cannot take care of us.

One of our top strategic priorities is to make all of our locations more energy efficient and operate more sustainably. As an environmental institution committed to plant conservation, doing so makes a powerful statement about who we are as an organization. In advancing our primary work and research facility beyond the use of fossil fuels we can fully embrace our role as a conservation leader locally, nationally, and internationally.

You can help. $100,000 Matching Gift Pledged!

With your support, NTBG can continue the vital work of searching for and saving threatened and endangered species. Our Chairman of the Board has offered to match all contributions made by May 31st, 2021 up to a total of $100,000 – can we count on you to join us?

Your support makes a difference.

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