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Plants are the answer.

Plants are the answer to many of the global challenges we face. They keep our water clean, provide food, shelter, medicine, and perform vital ecological functions worldwide. They provide the foundation of healthy ecosystems and natural solutions to climate change.

Unfortunately, plants are disappearing faster than ever. Scientists estimate that we are losing species 1,000 times faster than the natural rate with 68% of known plant species worldwide currently at-risk of extinction. With you as our partner, we can make a difference. Give now

We must continue to protect endangered and at-risk plant species, study fragile ecosystems and cultivate the next generation of conservation enthusiasts. Saving Plants, Saving People.

Your support makes a difference.

Species Rediscovered

In 2019, NTBG used drone technology to rediscover Hibiscadelphus woodii, a native Kauai plant thought to be extinct since 2009.

Conservation and Restoration

In 2019, NTBG outplanted more than 9,800 plants in 25 conservation areas to restore native habitats.

Safeguarding Seeds

The NTBG Seed Bank holds more than 7.8 million seeds to preserve species of conservation importance and safeguard our future.

Combating Food Insecurity

The Breadfruit Institute has distributed more than 109,000 trees to 45 countries through the Global Hunger Initiative.

Our Areas of Focus