Gardening Tips for Tropical and Rare Plants

Check out our resources for tips, tricks, and information on gardening with tropical and rare plants. The National Tropical Botanical Garden (NTBG) has more than 50 years of experience and expertise in propagating and caring for the world’s rarest plants. Learn from the experts and find out why choosing native plants for your home landscape saves plants, and people.

Meet the Plants

Help increase awareness about what threatens native flora and learn how we can save plants and people together. Read stories and explore free resources to get involved, or further critical plant conservation efforts with a gift of support.

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Plant Care Fact Sheets

Click below to open the plant care fact sheets for quick tips and guidance on growing tropical and rare plants at home.

Native Hawaiian Plants:
Brighamia insignis (Alula)
Dodonaea viscosa (Aalii)
Pritchardia hillebrandii (Loulu)

Native Florida Plants:
Eugenia rhombea (Red Stopper)
Erythrina herbacea (Coral Bean)
Cyrtopodium punctatum (Beeswarm)

Green Thumb Journal

Download this journal for general plant care tips and tricks. These excerpts are from our bi-annual member publication, The Bulletin

Green Thumb Journal

Frequently asked questions about gardening with topical and rare plants

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