Professional Development


Environmental Journalism Program

The Environmental Journalism Program provides specialized working journalists in broadcast, print and online media much-needed information about tropical ecosystems, providing deep background in tropical ecology to enhance the accuracy of reporting on science and environmental issues. The focus is immersion and not advocacy. The course is held at NTBG headquarters, its Kaua’i gardens, and other appropriate sites on island.

Science Teachers Enrichment Program

NTBG’s Science Teachers Enrichment Program enhances teachers’ knowledge of current information about tropical biology and equips them with innovative techniques using an inquiry-based approach, thus inspiring greater student interest in science education. Teachers construct instructional modules and devote significant time to preparing “science kits” consisting of classroom manipulatives and inquiry-based learning activities. The training is conducted in partnership with Kaua’i Community College of the University of Hawai’i system and is currently held at NTBG headquarters, its Kaua’i gardens, and other appropriate sites.

  • Check back for 2022 program updates.

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