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Artocarpus altilis

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Conservation Status
  • IUCN: not evaluated
  • USFWS: None
Eva Dubey, NTBG Intern, talking about Artocarpus altilis
Genus: Artocarpus
Species: altilis
Species Author: (Parkins.) Fosb.
Vernacular: Breadfruit, Ulu, Kapiak, Mei joa poaroak - Pohnpeian [Balick 4261], Aveloloa - Samoan [DR 650], Meinwe - Pohnpeian [AD 112], Mei ohotiketike - Marquesan [Dunn 268], Puou - Samoan [Ragone 658], Ulu ea - Samoan [Ragone 656], Ulu sagosago - Samoan [Ragone 653], Ulu manua - Samoan [Ragone 651], Ulu ma'a - Samoan [Ragone 649], Ulu sina - Samoan [Ragone 652], Fia puou - Samoan [Ragone 654], Ulu tala - Samoan [Prance30870], Fia maopo -Samoan [Prance 30869]
Synonyms: Artocarpus communis, Artocarpus incisus

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