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Cordyline fruticosa

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Conservation Status
  • IUCN: not evaluated
  • USFWS: None
Genus: Cordyline
Species: fruticosa
Species Author: (L.) A. Chev.
Vernacular: Ti, Ki, Sis - Palauan [MB 4431], Siseleanged - Palauan [MB 4442], Au ti popoi - Marquesan [F. B. Brown & E. D. W. Brown 644], Dihng weitahta - Pohnpeian [Amor 89; Sohl 49], Dihngtontol - Pohnpeian [Raynor 78], Dihng pwetepwet - Pohnpeian [Dores 208]
Synonyms: Convallaria fruticosa, Asparagus terminalis, Convallaria fruticosa, Cordyline terminalis, Cordyline terminalis var. ti

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