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As an NTBG Supporter, you know the critical role our network of gardens, preserves and research centers plays in protecting plants from the global threat of climate change.

Tropical ecosystems are the most biodiverse on Earth and over two-thirds of all plant species on the planet grow in the tropics. These plants provide oxygen, habitat, and food for all life on our planet. Tropical plants also provide a myriad of medicines and products for people. Yet a quarter of all plant species are in danger of extinction and most of those plants are found in the tropics.

With the recent rediscovery of Hibiscadelphus woodii, and thousands of other threatened and endangered species under our care, it is critical we secure the resources needed to protect and study them.

Help us continue our plant-saving work by donating today. Your gift can help us find, conserve, research, grow more critically endangered tropical plants and share and educate thousands of visitors and students about the importance of tropical plants and biodiversity.



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