Garden Club of America Tropical Botany Fellowship

Doctoral candidate tropical field research

Garden Club of America Tropical Botany Fellowship

This Fellowship supports independent field research by doctoral candidates in the tropics to promote the preservation of tropical forests and to enlarge the body of botanists with field experience.

Two or more awards of $5,500 each will be granted by the Garden Club of America (GCA) in collaboration with National Tropical Botanical Garden annually.

Applications must be received by January 15, next time in 2024.

Read more about the Garden Club of America Tropical Botany Fellowship at the Garden Club of America website.



The fellowship is open to U.S. Citizens and permanent residents who are enrolled as doctoral candidates in a U.S.-based institution. Open to students who anticipate completing the requirements for a Ph.D. in Botany within two years. Applicants must already be Ph.D. candidates enrolled at a U.S. university.


To Apply

The application deadline is January 15 preceding the proposed period of study. Awardees will be notified no later than March 31.


Application Guidelines:

1) A personal letter describing the candidate’s plans for the future and commitment to tropical conservation (1 page);

2) A statement of the proposed research, including its relevance to conservation, beginning with a summary statement of the proposal’s purpose, field location, plant group/vegetation type and questions to be answered (2 pages);

3) One letter of recommendation from the student’s graduate advisor that includes an evaluation of the student’s progress to date and a statement confirming Ph.D. candidacy;

4) Evidence of foreign language capability, if necessary for the country of research and,

5) A brief curriculum vitae (1-2 pages)

6) A host letter from the country of research is not required, but may be included if relevant.

The application should be written on US letter size pages with Times New Roman or other font no smaller than 10 pt. single-spaced or greater and 1″ margins on all sides. References and graphics do not count toward the two-page statement limit.

Submission Guidelines:

The proposal should be submitted to National Tropical Botanical Garden at as one pdf no later than January 15.



Selection is made by a review committee at National Tropical Botanical Garden. The selection is reviewed and approved by the GCA Scholarship Committee. Generally, one grant is awarded in the area of tropical plant systematics and a second is awarded in tropical forest ecology.

The NTBG selection committee currently consist of Director of The Kampong Dr. Brian Sidoti, Scientific Curator of Seed Conservation Dr. Dustin Wolkis, and GIS and Drone Program Manager Ben Nyberg.

Instructions for Awardees:

Recipients of the award will be contacted by the GCA Scholarship Committee and detailed instructions on awardee requirements will be outlined at that time.  Awardees will be asked to submit a formal, short report to the GCA by September 1 of the year they receive funding. The Garden Club of America and the National Tropical Botanical Garden shall receive acknowledgement for their assistance in any publication or report resulting from this Scholarship. @gcascholarships and @ntbg should be included in social media postings to allow reposting.


Executive assistant Katie Magoun:


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