Encyclia ‘Cindy’ Orchid


hybrid of Enc. alata x Enc. tampensis

Growth HabitsTightly clustered, egg-shaped bulbs

Growth Difficulty Easy (given the proper sunlight)

Growth PeriodApril – September


Large plant with many flowers

Sweet Scent

Flower spikes/stems are 4-5 ft long

Medium Sized

Fun Facts

Attracts wide range of honeybees

Natural hybrid of E. tampensis & E. alata

Right Plant, Right Host, Right Conditions

At the Kampong, there are standards on how to properly care for and grow your orchids in South Florida. This Step-by-Step guide will teach you how to ensure your orchid is happy and healthy within your home.

Right Plant

Owner understands growing season

Must Haves: Cable Ties, Velcro Tape, & Green tie Tape

Growing Tips – Take care to avoid covering the pseudo bulbs or leaves.

Right Host

Prefers rough bark trees such as: Oak, Mango, Mahogany, & Avocado

Less optimal with smooth bark or surface areas such as: Ficus & Gumbo Limbo

Recommended Surface Area: 5”-6”  tall, 3 pseudobulbs minimum,  >1/2” diameter

Right Conditions

Prefers strong sunlight, up to all-day in the sun

Less optimal with deep shade, continuous all year moisture, & decomposed mounting medium

Semi-Weekly Watering

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