Everglades Orchid Conservation at Home


The Kampong and University of Miami Ecosystem Science and Policy
Students & Faculty have teamed up to spread awareness and education
on proper orchid conservation and growing practices.

Craig Morell, Director of the Kampong, displaying The proper nutrition and host mounting techniques to University of Miami students & faculty.

The South Florida Orchid Conservation Team

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Craig Morell, Director of The Kampong part of the National Tropical Botanical Garden,
and a team of University of Miami Ecosystem Science and Policy students have created
a learning module in order to help people grow native orchids in their personal space
in South Florida. Often conservation is viewed as a distant, larger-scale endeavor; in this case individuals can make an immediate and perceptible difference. This module provides overview, helpful tips, and beautiful images of this selection of orchids.

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We wish to acknowledge the support of the Naples Botanical Garden for their generous donation of plants for this project.

Purchasing plants from nurseries who grow plants from captive bred sources reduces poaching of wild collected plants.

Sources of Cultivated Plants

The Naples Botanical Garden

Palmer Orchids in Bradenton Florida

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