Cowhorn Orchid


Cyrtopodium punctatum

Growth HabitsTightly clustered spindle shaped pseudo bulbs, frequently with a group of upturned roots at base of plant

Growth Difficulty Easy (given the proper sunlight)

Growth Period April – October (goes dormant from November to March)


Odd looking plant with big cylindrical bulbs and lots of small flowers

Nice fragrance, cigar shaped pseudo bulbs

Can grow in wet or dry, sun or shade, but prefers sun


Medium Sized

Fun Facts

Pollinated by bees

Likely highest poaching rate

Tips of pseudo bulbs are sharp

Right Plant, Right Host, Right Conditions

At The Kampong, there are standards on how to properly care for and grow your orchids in South Florida. This Step-by-Step guide will teach you how to ensure your orchid is happy and healthy within your home.

Right Plant

Owner is aware of Growing Season

Must Haves: Cable ties, Velcro Tape, Green tie Tape

Growing Tips – Take care to avoid covering the pseudo bulbs or leaves, Avoid off-season watering (October – March)

Right Host

Prefers rough bark trees such as: Oak, Mango, Mahogany, & Avocado

Less optimal with smooth bark or surface areas such as: Ficus & Gumbo Limbo

Recommended Surface Area: 3-4”  tall, 3 stems minimum  

Right Conditions

Prefers strong sunlight, up to all-day in the sun

Less optimal with continuous all-year moisture

Daily watering when in active growth

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