Lāwaʻi Kai Special Subzone


NTBG developed a plan to create a special subzone within the Conservation District of the State of Hawai’i. Foundational to this plan is the management structure which created a partnership with the private landowner (NTBG), the State of Hawai’i Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR), and the community (via the Lāwa’i Kai Resource Advisory Committee).

We believe this proactive approach will create a true ahupua’a-based management strategy that effectively integrates the management of the cultural, terrestrial, aquatic and marine resources and balances the management of these resources with the desires to see this area used for conservation, research, education, and limited recreation. If we are successful in this visionary approach, Lāwa’i Kai will become a pu’uhonua — a place of refuge — for future generations to love and enjoy just as we have.

In June 2013 the State of Hawai’i designated the land, the beach, and the bay as the Lāwa’i Kai Special Subzone.

The Lāwa’i Kai Master Plan of August 2012 consists of the following documents (PDF):

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