Planned Giving

Plants play a very important, but mostly silent, role in our life, and, without much fanfare, they benefit all of us. As you consider the balance of your life and your legacy, why not give plants the attention they deserve?

A planned gift to the National Tropical Botanical Garden will directly help preserve tropical plants, more than a third of which are threatened by extinction. These are the plants that provide our food and medicine, stabilize soils to prevent erosion, provide clean air, and create habitat for wildlife and other life forms.

With a legacy gift you can help preserve the world of plants for the enjoyment and well-being of future generations and, at the same time, help protect biocultural diversity, further scientific discovery, and educate young and old about the value of precious tropical ecosystems. We invite you to consider such a gift; it will last beyond your lifetime, and will fulfill your legacy to the planet.

“I am enamored of beautiful gardens in general and was struck by the sheer beauty of Allerton and McBryde gardens. When I became an NTBG Trustee and got more and more involved, I became convinced NTBG is a great institution. So I put NTBG in my will twelve years ago. I have been donating through my IRA ever since, rather than taking Required Minimum Distributions. I learned to use my IRA for deferred gifts, thanks to significant tax savings.”

— Merrill Magowan, NTBG Trustee

To provide you with estate planning and other
resources, or to answer any questions, please contact:

Heather George
Director of Philanthropy
National Tropical Botanical Garden
3530 Papalina Road
Kalaheo, HI  96741

(808) 762-1499

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