National Volunteer Week – Ginna Baldassarre

National Volunteer Week Spotlight
Ginna Baldassarre

It’s National Volunteer Week and we are celebrating our amazing volunteers! Today’s Volunteer Spotlight is Ginna Baldassarre. Ginna volunteers with our Information Technology department as a digital archivist from her home in San Jose, California.

Moonlight & Music and Information Technology Since 2013

In her free time, Ginna volunteers as a digital archivist, cataloging images into NTBG’s digital asset manager from her home in San Jose, California! She made her first trip to Kauai and NTBG in 2010 and immediately feel in love. Passionate about our mission, Ginna started her volunteer journey by making annual visits to volunteer at our annual Moonlight and Music fundraiser. In 2014, Ginna bought a home in Kekaha, giving her more opportunities to visit the garden. She’ll eventually retire to the island but in the meantime gives back to NTBG while virtually visiting NTBG as she catalogs images for our staff.

At home in California, Ginna works at Adobe as an international product manager for the Creative Cloud. She also leads Adobe’s San Jose Action Team which leads 4,000 employees at Adobe’s headquarters in fundraising and volunteer opportunities. Ginna’s volunteer work is essential to NTBG staff, providing our scientist and researchers with an easily accessible catalog of images to use in reporting and publishing their work.

Thanks for all that you do, Ginna!

Save the date for this year’s Moonlight & Music!

Saturday, August 29, 2020 – 6:00pm to 10:00pm

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