The Endemic Loulu of Kauaʻi

By Gabriel Simmons

As part of our Fall 2023 Internship Program, each intern was paired with a plant that holds particular significance at NTBG. Their task was to delve into and gain insights about their plant through the lens of NTBG’s various gardens, departments, and voices. Each intern crafted a story, illustration, or video that captures their journey with their plant.

Gabriel Simmons is originally from Kauaʻi and enjoys growing and working with plants as well as creating art.

Gabe took a deep dive into the world of Kauaʻi’s loulu (Pritchardia spp.), channeling his artistic skills to craft detailed illustrations for each of Kauaʻi’s seven endemic species. Through his art, he aims to help others learn about and connect with each species, appreciating characteristics that make them special.

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