If I Grow Up: A Word From Breadfruit

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Breadfruit and NTBG

Breadfruit (Artocarpus altilis) has been a traditional staple crop of the indigenous cultures of Oceania for thousands of years to this day. Unlike rice, wheat, and other grain or root crops, breadfruit is a staple starch that grows on a long-lived tree that requires little care, but has much to offer. Fast growing and prolific, breadfruit produces a tasty, nutrient-rich fruit so versatile that it can be prepared hundreds of ways.

The Breadfruit Institute of NTBG is committed to promoting the conservation, study, and use of breadfruit for food and restoration. The institute curates and manages the world’s most diverse living collection of breadfruit and its wild crop relatives, the bulk of which are located at Kahanu Garden in Hāna, Maui.

At McBryde Garden on Kauaʻi, the breadfruit agroforestry demonstration serves as a model in sustainable and regenerative organic agriculture—a method of farming that integrates trees, shrubs, and other plants with crops and/or animals in ways that provide economic, environmental, and social benefits.

NTBG is dedicated to conserving and promoting the use of breadfruit, ensuring that this important tree will continue to sustain future generations of both plants and people.


ʻulu trees are cared for at NTBG


ʻulu varieties are represented in the collection


plant species grow in the Regenerative Organic Breadfruit Agroforest

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