Budding Plant Relationships: Fall 2023 Intern Stories

As part of our Fall 2023 Internship Program, each of our interns were paired with a plant that holds particular significance at NTBG. Their task was to delve into and gain insights about their plant through the lens of NTBG’s various gardens, departments, and voices. Each intern crafted a story that showcases their journey with their plant.

We’re excited to present their stories below!

ʻĀlula: A Remarkable Saga
By Brianna Baskin

Breadfruit Connections
By Yoli De la Torre Perez

The Endemic Loulu of Kauaʻi
By Gabriel Simmons

The Story of Cyanea kuhihewa: Mistaken Identity, Loss, Rediscovery and a Long Journey Back Home
By Ces Eltringham

Preserving the Sacred Bond Between People and ʻŌhiʻa
By Jassaint Denis

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