ʻĀlula: A Remarkable Saga

By Brianna Baskin

As part of our Fall 2023 Internship Program, each intern was paired with a plant that holds particular significance at NTBG. Their task was to delve into and gain insights about their plant through the lens of NTBG’s various gardens, departments, and voices. Each intern crafted a story that captures their journey with their plant.

Originally from Houston, Texas, Brianna Baskin is an Ecology, Evolution, & Behavior major at the University of Texas at Austin. Brianna is passionate about botany, ornithology, and myrmecology and has been a fan of NTBG since reading Remains of a Rainbow at the age of seven. Brianna also loves to paint in her free time and decided to create a proof of concept for her final project, which focuses on the beloved ʻālula (Brighamia insignis).

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