Yoga Class Supports the Kampong

Community Class (open level).
Every Friday in November supports The Kampong of NTBG. Classes are held at Dharma Studio 3170 Commodore Plaza, Miami, FL 33133
Class is from 6:15 pm – 7:30 pm

This class is taught in tandem by John & Debbie, fondly known as “The Fabulous Freuds” because of their love of yoga, and their consistency in community outreach. Each month, they choose a different local non-profit organization to support through the class they teach every Friday night at Dharma Studio. The class is different every time, but is Vinyasa-based, featuring a flowing energetic style, often including breathwork, meditation and relaxation. Since the proceeds from this class go directly to the charity of choice, we humbly ask for a minimum contribution of TEN bucks… your support helps to make a difference!

At Dharma Studio, we are totally into giving back!

Every month, our Community Yoga Team chooses a different local non-profit group to support through our Friday Night Community Class. We humbly ask for a minimum contribution of ten bucks… That means that it’s half off! However, if you feel moved to offer more, that’s even better. This Community Class epitomizes some of the greatest work that we do at Dharma Studio, because it highlights the power of compassion and the importance of encouragement; it demonstrates the good we can do when we focus on others, and it underscores our commitment to community outreach.

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