Governor Ige dedicates April 25th to ‘Ōhi‘a lehua

Hawai’i Governor David Ige has proclaimed April 25 as ‘Ōhi‘a lehua Day in Hawai’i. Metrosideros spp. is one of the most beautiful and ecologically important trees in Hawai’i. It’s vital that we protect them and stop the spread of Rapid Ohia Death (ROD).

NTBG partners with other conservation bodies in Hawai’i to mitigate the spread of ROD with generous support from the Hawaii Tourism Authority for the E Mau ana Ka ‘Ōhi‘a (Perpetuating ‘Ōhi‘a) program. NTBG is partnering with DLNR, DOFAW and Lyon Arboretum to collect and store millions of ‘ōhi‘a lehua seeds. This includes reciprocating seeds with the Hawai’i Seed Bank Partnership organizations of all four Metrosideros taxa from each of the 10 seed zones on Kaua’i.

You can read more about ‘Ōhi‘a lehua Day at the Honolulu Star Advertiser

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