New Art Exhibit at The Kampong honors Biscayne Bay’s Heritage and Future

Miami, Florida (September 6, 2023) —  Bridge Initiative, a Miami-based environmental arts organization, has joined The Kampong of the National Tropical Botanical Garden to present the groundbreaking exhibition Biscayne. This collaborative endeavor showcases the vital role of contemporary art in advocating for the preservation and conservation of Biscayne Bay. The exhibition, curated by Bridge Initiative founder Katherine Fleming, features 35 local and international artists whose works cross disciplines to explore Biscayne Bay’s cultural, historical, and ecological significance.

“Amidst Florida’s record-breaking temperatures, I can’t think of a timelier art exhibition,” says Brian Sidoti, Director of The Kampong. “I am thrilled to collaborate with the Bridge Initiative as we bring the art and science communities together to give Biscayne Bay a voice.” 

Biscayne Bay, a cherished subtropical lagoon stretching from North Miami to Card Sound, holds hidden histories and remarkable natural wonders. “In Biscayne, we tour the Bay’s treasures at The Kampong, one of the five botanical gardens of the National Tropical Botanical Garden that has immense historic and cultural significance for South Florida and beyond,” says Katherine Fleming, exhibition curator. “Through this multidisciplinary showcase, we aim to deepen our connection with Biscayne Bay and foster a future where nature and culture thrive harmoniously.” 

Running from September 15th to December 2nd, 2023, Biscayne invites visitors to embark on an educational and visual journey that transcends art’s traditional boundaries. Visitors to The Kampong can enjoy the Biscayne exhibit included in the price of admission for a garden tour. Parking is limited and online reservations are strongly encouraged.

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