Kahanu Garden | Hāna, Maui

Guided Tour

A guided tour of Kahanu Garden will reward you with a deeper experience and sense of place. Your guide will reveal archaeological features and intriguing stories not covered in the self-guided tour, and share with you the captivating tales of a region so rooted in history.

Hear the mo’olelo (stories) of ancient Hawai’i and of Chief Pi’ilani who ruled over these lands in the 16th century on this guided tour. See firsthand some of the traditional uses of the plants brought to the islands by the first Hawaiians. Many of our guides grew up in this culturally rich region and are experts in practices and traditions passed down to them by their elders.


650 Ulaino Rd, Hāna, HI 96713



Adults – $30
Children (12 and younger) – free

Reservations required


9:30 am every Wednesday and Friday

Closed on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.


2 Hours

Kahanu Garden

Guided Tour

Kahanu Garden

Self-guided tour

Experience the tropical plants and rich history of The Kampong with a guide! Explore on your own afterwards.

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