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Past Webinars

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Celebration of 2022 Science and Conservation Highlights

Enjoy a festive and energetic celebration of NTBG’s science and conservation work represented by NTBG staff through an intensive series of highlights from 2022 ranging from new exceptional discoveries in the field, uncovering the secret life of plants, to new technologies, and other break-throughs providing new and better opportunities for plant conservation. 

Care and Conservation of Hawaiian Crop Diversity

Conservation of traditional crop diversity and associated knowledge is essential for ensuring our future with sustainable food security. In this webinar, Noah Kaaumoana-Texeira provides an introduction to care for culturally important Hawaiian crop plants in NTBG’s Limahuli Garden on North Shore Kauai and Master’s Student Sverre Schou shares his project with NTBG tracing traditional varieties of bananas from NTBG’s collection in Kahanu across Maui and Hawaii Island to a rare discovery in Limahuli Valley.   

Towards a Flora of Micronesia

This webinar focuses on NTBG’s work providing documentation and safe havens for endangered island plants through regional flora work and living conservation collections. Senior Scientist David Lorence takes you on a month-long journey with his team to Palau on a quest for rare and unknown plants towards the completion of a Flora of Micronesia. Director of Science Nina Ronsted looks at the role of botanical gardens in supporting conservation science of endangered island plants through the global living collections.

Plants Along Streams and Coastlines

In this webinar we focus on plants along streams and coastlines, which are important for the life in the streams and for protecting our coastlines. Puakea Mo’okini-Oliveira will talk about a completed restoration of the Limahuli stream to restore native Oʻopu fish populations and Conservation Biologist Seana Walsh will share the results of a new study in collaboration with University of Hawaii of salinity tolerance of coastal plants.

Native Hawaiian Fern Propagation and Restoration

Often overlooked, ferns are a critical part of the ecosystem on islands and have many cultural uses. NTBG is one of a few gardens having specialized in propagation of rare Hawaiian ferns from spores. Join us for a tour with curator of living collections Mike DeMotta in NTBG’s fern lab, meet Dr. Ruth Arguraiuja and Senior Conservation Biologist Ken Wood who have studied Hawaiian ferns and their conservation in the field for decades.

Conservation and Restoration of Endangered Trees

In this session we celebrate some of the great conservation and restoration projects. NTBG’s Director of Science and Conservation Nina Ronsted and Uma Nagendra will talk about how NTBG is translating global tree assessments to restoration of threatened plant species in Limahuli Valley. University of Hawaii graduate student assistant Julia Douglas report from a recent field campaign monitoring NTBG’s successful outplanting of Critically Endangered Polyscias bisattenuata and NTBG’s Director of Kahanu Garden, Mike Opgenorth will share his PhD work on conservation of Gardenia remyi.


Meet Noel Dickinson, Coordinator of the Breadfruit Institute for an update on the developments of the Regenerative Organic Breadfruit Agroforest in our McBryde Garden, and Elliot Gardner, our joint postdoc between NTBG and the International Center for Tropical Botany, who will talk about new ulu discoveries and what we know about the relationships of the different species. Carl Holmquist Andersen and Emile Hansted Berning reports on a survey of the contribution of breadfruit agroecosystems to Hawaiian community resilience during the COVID – 19 pandemic.

Controlling Invasive Species

In honor of Hawaii Invasive Species Month, our staff discussed the good and bad side of bringing plants beyond their natural habitat. Meet Curator of Living Collections Mike DeMotta and Director of Kahanu Garden Mike Opgenorth to find out how we fight against invasive species throughout our gardens and in the field and how Master of Science student John Steinhorst is on a mission to propagate native Hawaiian plants for the horticulture trade.

Science and Conservation

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