Three Day Kapa and Ink Making Workshops

Join us for a unique cultural and artistic experience! Our McBryde Garden on the South Shore of Kauaʻi is hosting several three-day kapa and inkmaking workshops led by Kumu (Hawaiian studies and hula instructor) Sabra Kauka and Arts Educator Janne Larsen. A portion of the proceeds from ticket sales will go to the Garden Island Arts Council.

Current Offerings:

Kamaaina: $275 + $18.38 Fee

General Admission: $375 + $24.46 Fee

Kapa is a Hawaiian cloth made from the wauke, or paper mulberry tree. It has deep cultural meaning to native Hawaiians, and the history of kapa includes both making and dyeing. Learning to make kapa in the traditional way preserves and perpetuates this native art. Making ink derived from plants found in Hawaii enriches appreciation for the diversity of plants that grow across our unique islands.

Day one of the workshop starts with a tour of the garden and an introduction to identifying plants used to make inks and dyes. Participants will harvest wauke and prepare it to make kapa. On day two, participants learn how to make a variety of inks of varying colors and finish making the kapa. On day three, participants will go into the gardens to paint on the kapa with the inks they have made.

We believe the pairing of kapa and ink-making within the same workshop offers a chance to have a unique cultural and artistic experience, and that the National Tropical Botanical Garden is the ideal place to explore the potential of these two arts together. Participants will leave with a few bottles of ink to use at home, and a small piece of artwork painted on the kapa they made.

We are very excited to make kapa and ink with you at the National Tropical Botanical Garden on Kauai!


Sabra and Janne

About the Instructors

Sabra Kauka is a celebrated Kumu of Hawaiian studies on Kauai. She is an expert kapa maker and is a longtime friend of the National Tropical Botanical Garden. Janne Larsen is an artist and educator. Inspired by her students to find natural ways to make art materials, Janne began teaching ink-making in Los Angeles and Kauai.

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