Fall Webinar Series

Our fall webinar series has wrapped! Check back later this month for the announcement of our spring webinar series or view recordings from our previous webinars below.

December 1: Celebrating New Hawaiian Plant Discoveries in 2021

For decades, NTBG has been roaming the mountains and valleys of the Hawaiian island of Kauai by foot, helicopter, rappelling and using drones. Join NTBG Field Biologist Ken Wood and Drone Program manager Ben Nyberg in celebrating new discoveries of rare and endangered plants in 2021. Folks who attend the webinar live will have a chance to vote for the NTBG’s Most Exciting Plant Discovery of 2021!

November 3: Biocultural Stewardship and Restoration

Meet NTBGs Curator of Living Collections, Mike DeMotta, Director of Limahuli Garden Lei Wann and Conservation Operations Manager and Ecologist Uma Nagendra. Learn about the traditional Hawaiian concept of land stewardship and how it aligns with today’s call for more sustainable land management and restoration. Registration Required.

September 30: Behind the Scenes in the NTBG Conservation Seed Bank

Join the manager of NTBG’s Seed Bank and Laboratory Dustin Wolkis on a virtual tour. Find out how research in the seed bank helps conserve hundreds of Hawaii’s most endangered plants. Learn how massive seed collecting helps secure the future of Hawaii’s foundational Ohia forests threatened by pathogenic fungi.

May 12: Behind the Scenes at the Botanical Research Center

Find out what our experts at the Botanical Research Center are working on and peek into where it all happens. Herbarium curator Tim Flynn leads a tour of the herbarium, senior scientist David Lorence brings the Flora of Marquesas to life, and Director of Science and Conservation Nina Rønsted unfolds NTBGs recent IUCN Red Listing campaign of endangered Hawaiian plants.

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