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National Tropical Botanical Garden | Tabernaemontana pandacaqui - Plant Detail - Tropical Plants Database

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Tabernaemontana pandacaqui

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Conservation Status
  • IUCN: least concern
  • USFWS: None
Genus: Tabernaemontana
Species: pandacaqui
Species Author: Lam.
Vernacular: ping mai gou ya hua
Synonyms: Ervatamia mucronata (Merrill) Markgraf, E. pandacaqui (Lamarck) Pichon, E. puberula Tsiang & P. T. Li, Pagiantha pandacaqui (Lamarck) Markgraf, Tabernaemontana guangdongensis P. T. Li, T. mollis Hooker & Arnott, T. mucronata Merrill, T. subglobosa Merrill, T. thailandensis P. T. Li., Tabernaemontana rotensis

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