2019 Kahanu Garden Ulu Cookoff Winners

The annual Ulu Cookoff held at Kahanu Garden was a big success. 32 dishes were submitted for judging and these are the winners. The grand prize was awarded to a foundational ‘ulu preparation that was featured in the traditional category, ‘ulu pa’i ‘ai.

1st- Stuffed Ulu Balls by Jill Kawaiaea
2nd- Young Ulu Pickels by Niki Wyatt

Main Dish
1st- Ulu Enchiladas by Mikala Minn
2nd- Cheddar and Chive Pierogy by Jasmine Minn
3rd Lobster Ulu Patty by Jill Kawaiaea

1st- Ulu Pai Ai- Mikala Minn
2nd- General Store Shortbread by Jasmine Minn

1st Coco de Pana by Niki Wyatt
2nd- Fried Ulu Mochi by Jill Kawaiaea

Grand Prize- Ulu Pai Ai by Mikala Minn

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