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Polyscias bisattenuata slider

  • polbis1

    Polyscias bisattenuata tree on kauai
    In bloom
    One of the few remaining Polyscias bisattenuata trees found on Mt. Haupu in flower.
  • polbis2 - natalia

    Polyscias bisattenuata conservation
    Field work
    Field Botanist Natalia Tangalin examining a flower for viability.
  • polbis3 - natalia bag

    Polyscias bisattenuata conservation
    Protecting precious fruit
    Natalia using bags to protect the precious flowers for future seed collection.
  • polbis4 - rodent bag

    Protecting precious fruit
    Seeds, safe and sound in a protective bag.
  • polbis12 - volunteer

    polyscias bisattenuata, national tropical botanical garden, impact, conservation
    Cleaning seeds
    Volunteer extraordinaire, Kimo, counting and sorting seeds for use in the nursery.
  • polbis5 - seeds

    Sorting seeds
    Seeds being sorted for viability.
  • polbis6 - sprout

    Success! Seedlings starting to sprout.
  • polbis7 - nursery

    NTBG nursery
    The future is now - thousands of successful sprouts from collected seeds being grown in the nursery for outplanting and extinction prevention.
  • polbis8 - helicopter

    Precious cargo
    Precious cargo being unloaded by Plant Records Manager, Kevin for outplanting in its native habitat on Mt. Haupu.
  • polbis9 - planting

    Living Collections Manager, Mike DeMotta and Horticulture interns planting out new trees on the steep cliffs of Mt. Kahili.
  • polbis10 - planting 2

    Planting the future
    Rugged terrain on Mt. Kahili provides a perfect habitat for the trees, but a challenge for outplanting.
  • polbis11 - planting 3

    Seeds of knowledge
    KUPU Intern Randy Umetsu planting trees in McBryde Garden with students from Kamehameha schools.

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